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Amigurumi Discworld

I know sometimes geeky crafts can be a bit in-your-face, and sometimes will lead a non-fan to wonder if you’re two tacos short of a combination plate, but I think even a non-fan would agree that planetjune’s homage to Discword is friggin adorable.

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Crochet Daria and Jane Lane

Wow, I had a major case of flashbacks when I spotted this… mypicuu, the maker, also made Jane Lane! I’ve always wanted that haircut!

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Star Trek Saturday: Crochet The Next Generation Crew

This is the first of my weekly geeky Star Trek Saturday posts. And today I’ve found not just one little amigurumi doll, but… the whole crew!! They even have little felt communicator badges!! These were crocheted by JanaFord for a friend’s birthday. I think Geordi’s my favorite, but Data’s eyes are so perfect. I also … Continue reading »

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Crochet Mr Rogers and Trolley

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, isn’t it? I still remember staying home on sick days and being comforted by watching Sesame Street and Mister Rogers. And JenGoPop, who made this amigurumi, seems to feel the same way. Not only did she do a wonderful job crocheting him, and her husband made the … Continue reading »

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Amigurumi Marvin the Paranoid Android

image from Craftster Raise your hand if you love Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! *raises hand* I love this little amigurumi version of Marvin. He may be a little depressed, but he sure is crafty cute. (via Tacomagic)

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Magic Screen from Pee-wee’s Playhouse

image from craftiscool  My family were big Pee-Wee fans, and according to my squeal of delight when I saw this, I still am a big fan.  The creator has this pattern, and a few other Pee-Wee ones in her craftsy shop.

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